Other points on the map reflect the locations of instructors in training.

In the US:
Fran Zelladonis
Madalyn McKenney Moorman
Stephanie Berry
Cindy Knowlton & Michele Kauffman
Marnie Montgomery
Michele Kauffman
Janice Patton
Marnie Montgomery
Jenny East Cole
Ann Hogg

Service Dog Organizations:
Marilyn Wilson

Doggy Day Care Facilities:
Cindy Knowlton

In Canada:
Michelle Oberg

Michelle Ennor

Cindy Knowlton

Hamden, CT
Ellettsville, IN
Eldersburg, MD
Millersville, MD
Rockville, MD
Woodstock, MD
Austin, TX
Leesburg, VA
Danville, VA
Roanoke, VA

Roanoke, VA

Millersville, MD

Calgary, Canada

Victoria, Australia


Advanced CCC Classes

Did you know that there are three levels of CCC classes, as well as other options to continue applying what you've learned?  Here's a peek of what you'll experience.  Ask your instructor what the options are for you to continue your CCC journey.

CCC Level 2


Continuing CCC Class

CCC Level 3


CCC Travel Class


CCC Challenge Map

Challenge Puzzle Maps.jpg

Have fun practicing your CCC skills using this new puzzle map.

Remember:  if your dog lunges toward the puzzle, you're too close.  Move your markers further from the box. 

Level 2 & 3 folks:  Remove visible puzzle & use remote rewards.

CCC Tips

Team billie

Team billie

Wondering how to apply what you've learned when you're out and about with your dog?  Connection, Cooperation & Control can only happen when your dog is in the Think & Learn Zone.  One way to check if he's in the Think & Learn Zone is to wait for an Auto Check-In or ask him to sit.  If he can't tune in with you and respond within five seconds, he's not capable of thinking and learning.  If you're able to move away from the distraction and try again.  He'll tell you when he can.

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