Team Cassi’s Story


“In the past I’ve chosen dogs from a rescue environment based on “something in the eyes” that tells me we have a connection.  But my current dog, Cassi, came to me in a different way and one that made me work a bit harder to build that relationship bond.  Cassi was a 6-year old Silken Windhound who lived with a breeder in a multiple dog household.  She came to me when she was retired from their breeding program and had to adjust to being an only dog living with a one person in a condo.  She was well-behaved, but a bit unsure and needed some help bonding and connecting with me.  I had taken Connection, Cooperation and Control (CCC) class in the past with another dog and knew it would help us.  

 Over the course of the six weeks in CCC, my Cassi blossomed.  She enjoyed the exercises and began to look to me more often for guidance.  Getting that eye contact was wonderful, and we began to work as a cooperative team much more than we had before.  The progress we made in CCC was a fundamental part of getting Cassi ready for her training as a therapy dog, which was something I hoped to do with her.  And guess what?  We did it!  Her focus and cooperation in therapy dog training was wonderful and my sweet girl now loves to visit patients in a hospital cancer center.  

 Thank you Suzanne and Cindy for developing this wonderful course that helped my beautiful girl reach her potential.  We now have a stronger connection that helps us do this work and just live happier every day because we know, respect, and understand each other.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to deepen and enhance the relationship with their dog and gain the cooperation that comes from trust.”

Barb & Cassi
National Capital Therapy Dogs

Team Riley’s Story


I have said it before and I will say it again, the work Riley and I did with you during our three CCC sessions was life-altering in terms of my relationship with him. 

 We had our NCTD certification test yesterday (yes, we passed) and when it was over, the evaluator commented on my dog-handling skills.  She talked about how well Riley and I worked as a team; how he was “always with me” even when he would look elsewhere at something (e.g., a distractor dog, an unexpected noise).  She said he always redirected back to me.  I must say, for as nervous as I was before entering the evaluation room, I calmed down immediately when my CCC training kicked in. It seemed to anchor me. Before doing our walk around the room for Riley to get used to the space, I waited for his auto check in.  From that moment on, I knew I had him and that we would be okay.  We remained connected throughout the entire evaluation. 

 Thanks again for all the work you have put into developing your CCC program.  It truly is transformational in terms of how people and their dogs can relate to one another. It certainly has been for Riley and me.

Robin & Riley
National Capital Therapy Dogs