The components that follow will provide you with the basic philosophy, structure and technique of Connection, Cooperation & Control™, including working through the process with a dog, experience teaching others how to incorporate CCC with their own dogs, and demonstrate knowledge of the process and methodology.

What follows will guide you through the first phase of the program.  Please note that participation in the program does not guarantee certification. Certification may be withheld or delayed for up to 6 months if you are in need of additional support or other experience, with the goal of acquiring additional experience and/or skills so that certification can be achieved. Fees for any remedial instruction deemed necessary by the founders and that you choose to pursue are not included in the tuition for the CCC Instructor Certification Program and are your responsibility to pay.

Step One:  The CCC Instructor Workshop

The certification process begins with a one day introductory workshop that includes the methodology frame work to begin teaching the CCC Level 1 course to clients and dogs.  Full day attendance on both days is required.  Prior to attending the workshop you will be asked to submit a signed instructor agreement that lays out the expectations and responsibilities of both parties. 

The purpose of the CCC Instructor Agreement is to define the core values of the CCC program, instructor expectations, and the responsibilities of CCC to candidates an certified instructors in the program.  The agreement also protects the CCC trademark.

Your first tuition installment is due when you register for the workshop.

Contact us at any time with questions you might have about the process above.

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