So what's next in the certification process?  You're ready to take the CCC Level 1 Instructor Exam! Once you pass the exam you'll be able to start teaching CCC Level 1 to your students and will have access to the following supplies and services including:

  • Brochures & flyers
  • CCC markers for your classroom
  • The Quarterly CCC Newsletter
  • The Level 1 Student Workbook
  • The Level 1 Online Make Up Service
  • The fillable Level 1 Student Certificate

But first, back to that pesky exam!  Per your instructor agreement, the balance of your certification fee is due when you take the Level 1 exam.  Once your payment has been received you'll be notified with details on how to access the online exam.  You may pay by check or via Paypal. Make your check payable to Cindy Knowlton and send it to The Connection Puzzle, PO Box 272, Glenwood, MD  21738, or click on the Paypal link below:

Good luck on your exam!