Any performance sport enthusiast knows the amount of training that goes into making your dog competition ready. By the time you step into the ring you’ve spent countless hours training the skills specific to your sport of choice. Your dog knows his job and you know yours, but are you working together as well as you’d like to be?

CCC bridges the gap between getting through a performance and enjoying the dance, making connection, cooperation, control and teamwork second nature before you step into the ring, as you compete, after your run and in every day life, Polish your performance and excel in the dog sport that’s captured your passion with CCC.

Team Pearl’s Story

photo by T&C Pet Photography

photo by T&C Pet Photography

Meet Pearl, an adolescent Catahoula who started online CCC classes with her partner Lori in February 2017. When they started CCC Lori reported that agility class looked like, "me running behind Pearl yelling her name while she randomly took her favorite obstacles, sniff, zoomed, and played with other dogs. . . ."  Four months later, after three levels of CCC Team Pearl started racking up the blue ribbons in agility and rally, and passed their Canine Good Citizen Test.

Lori reports, “This program has completely changed my relationship with Pearl. We were not connected as team. While she technically had the skills needed for performance sports, she had no idea we were working together. I am now Pearl's world. She realizes the benefits of working with me and the payoff in our teamwork is starting to show.  I am so happy with our increased connection!”

How Can CCC Help You?

What’s your performance passion? How can CCC improve your performance? Here’s how CCC is helping enthusiasts like you in their sport of choice.