How It Works

As a professional trainer you've got a lot on your plate every day. Getting back to students who missed class to keep them moving forward is only one of the things on your long list of things to do. And catching them up while you're instructing the next week can be challenging and exhausting. The online make up service is designed to make your job easier.

When one of your students misses a class, simply send them the link for the week they missed along with a password, and leave the rest to them. It's that easy!  Each page includes step-by-step instructions and the corresponding diagrams and video so they won't skip a beat when they walk into class the next week.

To keep the content secure, a new password will be sent to you on the 1st* of each month. Be sure to keep it handy for your students when they need it.

Renew your subscription at the CCC Instructor Store.

What to Do

  1. Click on the appropriate week below.
  2. Copy and paste the link from your browser into an email. Include the password of the month and push send.
  3. Go back to doing what you enjoy most: TEACH!

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