Applying What You've Learned

Now it's time to begin applying what you've learned to two dog & handler teams and submitting their work along the way.  Before you begin, let's review a few of the features of the program and teaching techniques we've deliberately built into the program to insure compliance and success.

First, you'll notice a teaching outline in front of each week's lessons in your guide. Be sure to teach each concept in the order shown in the outline. Often times one concept is a prerequisite for the next.

Second, take note that some concepts are addressed twice during a class session. The outline on the left shows that both the Auto Check-In and the flip top puzzles will be addressed in two separate exercises during the class.  

Take a moment to review all of your week one lesson cards. You'll find that there are two Auto Check-In cards, and two flip lid puzzle cards. Notice how they differ and which of the two cards you'll be teaching from first.

Ready to work with your two students?  Go for it!  Below are the submission requirements:

  • A CCC photo/video release signed by each student, in PDF or JPG format
  • A before video of each team completing the Connection Course (prior to any of your instruction.)
  • An after video of each team completing the same Connection Course (as the Week 6 Connection Work exercise.)
  • A video of each team applying Puppy Politeness Poker
  • A video  of each team applying Really Real Relaxation
  • A CCC Instructor Evaluation Form completed by each student.
  • A completed CCC Instructor Training Log recording the number of hours you taught.

*All video should be submitted via your individual CCC Dropbox folder.  Do not post your videos on YouTube, or any similar site.

You'll soon be removed from the online course and will no longer have access to it! Please register at the CCC Instructor Community forum for access to what you'll need to work with your two students.  The forum is used to:

  • post questions about instruction
  • post questions about your submissions
  • viewing instructional video from the course you just completed*
  • provide access to the handouts you'll need for your students
  • get tips & suggestions for working with your students
  • share your experiences with other instructors
  • stay up-to-date with changes and adjustments to the curriculum
  • post new videos that will help you in the instructional process

*With the exception of the PPP video that will be shared with your students according to the curriculum, all other video is for your eyes only and may not be shared. 

Please post any questions about the process directly to the forum rather than emailing Cindy privately.  That way anyone who might have the same question will have access to the response.  Once you've registered for the forum READ THIS to set up your notifications the way you'd like so you don't miss out on important posts.

Download the CCC Submissions Checklist for easy reference

Good luck & have fun!