How is the course structured?

CCC online lessons include a combination of text, photos and video examples of the principles and techniques of the course.  It is expected that the student will reply to the written prompts as necessary to understand the material and express any need for further clarification.  Participants are expected to upload weekly videos for instructor review and recommendations.  At least three training sessions per week is suggested. 

The course is six weeks in length.  It is recommended that students are timely with the weekly assignments, and it is expected that a commitment to the training exercises is understood.

What day and time does the class meet?

The student may access them and train when it is convenient.  There is no set day and time that the class meets.

Will I get weekly reminders when a lesson is posted?

Just like attending a college or university, you won't get weekly reminders when a lesson is posted, or a reminder that the class has started.  The student is responsible for keeping up with the lessons and assignments.

What if I have to miss a week?

As with an in-person class, if the student misses a week, it is expected that he/she will pick up with the assignments upon their return.

Where can I purchase the puzzle set we'll be using?

The puzzle you need for the class can be purchased here.

Where can I find the Terms of Use that I need to agree to?

The Terms of Use you need to agree to in order to have access to the class can be found here.