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Other points on the map reflect the locations of instructors in training.

In the US:
Fran Zelladonis
Madalyn McKenney Moorman
Stephanie Berry
Cindy Knowlton
Marnie Montgomery
Ashley Clark
Janice Patton
Marnie Montgomery
Jenny East Cole
Ann Hogg

Service Dog Organizations:
Marilyn Wilson

Doggy Day Care Facilities:
Cindy Knowlton

In Canada:
Michelle Oberg

Michelle Ennor

Cindy Knowlton

Hamden, CT
Ellettsville, IN
Eldersburg, MD
Millersville, MD
Rockville, MD
New Boston, NH
Austin, TX
Leesburg, VA
Danville, VA
Roanoke, VA

Roanoke, VA

Millersville, MD

Calgary, Canada

Victoria, Australia


CCC Happenings

CCC is helping dogs and handlers in many different ways. Check out these videos to find out how:

CCC in the Classroom

CCC concepts transfer well from one family member to another as shown in this video. Once the dog understands the skills he can easily transfer to a new handler. This comes in handy for shelters and service dog organizations, who are transitioning dogs every day.


CCC for Service Dogs

CCC has been a part of this service dog's puppy raising program from the very beginning. In addition to all the tasks she's learned to help her become the best working dog she can be, CCC has added the benefit of skills she can use without handler prompting to build her connection and awareness of her handler, for a fluid transition to the person for whom she's eventually chosen.

CCC at Home

What should your next agility dog learn before ground work, before sequences, before obstacle training? This six month old pup and her handler are getting a solid foundation on what matters most: CONNECTION!


CCC for Boarding & Day Care

See Spot Grin has teamed up with Fieldstone Animal Inn in Millersville, Maryland to develop an enrichment program for their boarding and daycare clients. Here's how Week 1 went.

Submissions from CCC Students

From Michele Kauffman, sarasota Florida

From Michele Kauffman, sarasota Florida

From Michelle Ennor, Geelong Australia

From Michelle Ennor, Geelong Australia

CCC Challenge Map

Challenge Puzzle Maps.png

Have fun practicing your CCC skills using this new puzzle map.

Remember:  if your dog lunges toward the puzzle, you're too close.  Move your markers further from the box. 

Level 2 & 3 folks:  Remove visible puzzle & use remote rewards.

CCC Tips

How can you incorporate remote rewards into your training when you’re out and about?

  • bring your puzzles

  • hide a puzzle behind a bush or around a corner for a nice surprise

  • place treat containers on tables, chairs, rocks or in trees so that you can randomly surprise your dog with a reward for a job well done.

  • Hunt for treats in the grass with your dog.

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