Team Jinx’s Story

Keeping the dog in the Think & Learn Zone is the key to optimal performance, and CCC gives the dog and handler the skills to do so.

At a recent dock diving event CCC student Sue showed up just in time to bring her dog Jinx to the line. She felt a bit rushed but did her best to help Jinx hold it together as they got closer to the dock, but struggled to prevent her from lunging and barking.  By the time they got to the dock, Jinx’s jerky movements showed how tense her muscles were, so much so that she slipped on her first jump, and flailed into the water on her second jump, coming up short on both.

After considering Jinx’s mindfulness, or lack thereof, Sue came up with a plan to help keep her more emotionally balanced the second round using some of the CCC principles she had learned.  She got Jinx out earlier, and took her time approaching the competition area only moving forward when Jinx showed her she could handle it.  She added lateral distance from the dock to support Jinx’s mind, and waited in a more quiet location until it was her turn.  Jinx’s movement was smooth as they set up on the dock.  It was clear that she was in a thoughtful state.  She was coordinated when she reached the edge of the dock, showed full control of her body as she jumped . . . and landed her personal best, by a landslide.

Later in the day Sue practiced more CCC strategies while the other dogs competed, and at a distance that Jinx could be successful.  And in the Finals Jinx jumped a NEW personal best.