Team Quiz’s Story

Photo by wayne ramsay

Photo by wayne ramsay

Team Quiz was already a seasoned disc dog team when they began CCC, but lack of connection and unproductive arousal was preventing optimal performance in the ring. By learning the skill of true engagement at the beginning of their routine, Team Quiz now has the authentic connection that was missing. Stephanie has learned how to adjust to Quiz’s needs throughout the performance keep him in the Think & Learn Zone, which has increased his catch percentage dramatically. Stephanie reports that their performance has transformed from a series of mechanical skills to true joy in their teamwork, both in and out of the ring.

Stephanie & Quiz (Skyhoundz New Extreme Distance World Record Holder)
Ellicott City, Maryland

Team Griggs’ Story


CCC has taught me how to help Dylan. who is easily distracted, gradually focus on his work by adjusting to his needs in training, moment by moment, and showing him we can have fun together no matter what is happening around him.  We started out with baby steps, and now he is willing to focus on me with what we are going to do next.  When he was finally ready for the competition environment and the time came to throw that long throw of the disc I could tell he was totally focused on his task.  Now has the confidence and focus to really enjoy the game, and brings the disc back to me despite all the distractions on both sides of the field.

Jett and Zappa already had the natural drive for the disc but I believe CCC made a big difference in my relationship with them too. They willingly focus on me when there are many distractions around them because they know we do fun stuff together when they look at me. 

 I like that CCC has taught me and the dogs to have fun with each other when we are out and about with distractions, especially when those distractions are negative.

Melanie, Dylan, Jett & Zappa
Henderson, Maryland