CCC Video Challenge

How’d you like your dog to be featured in the next CCC Newsletter, and on our social media pages, just like the dog in this video? How much does he love his puzzles? How has CCC made his life better? We’d love to hear what your dog has to say about CCC! Submit a clear head shot of your dog along with a written paragraph of what he might say, and we’ll see about making it so!

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Other points on the map reflect the locations of instructors in training.

In the US:
Fran Zelladonis
Madalyn McKenney Moorman, CCC-CI
Stephanie Berry, CCC-CI
Cindy Knowlton, CCC-CI
Marnie Montgomery, CCC-CI
Ashley Clark
Janice Patton, CCC-CI
Marnie Montgomery, CCC-CI
Ann Hogg
Cheree Roberts NEW!

Service Dog Organizations:
Marilyn Wilson

Doggy Day Care Facilities:
Cindy Knowlton

In Canada:
Michelle Oberg, CCC-CI

Michelle Ennor
Daniela Sandmann NEW!

Michele Kauffman, CCC-CI NEW!

Cindy Knowlton, CCC-CI

Hamden, CT
Ellettsville, IN
Eldersburg, MD
Millersville, MD
Rockville, MD
New Boston, NH
Austin, TX
Leesburg, VA
Roanoke, VA
Vancouver, WA

Roanoke, VA

Millersville, MD

Calgary, Canada

Geelong, Victoria
Eden Park, Victoria

Geneva, Switzerland


CCC Happenings

CCC is helping dogs and handlers in many different ways. Check out these videos to find out how:

CCC in the Classroom

Check out this team’s stellar transformation under Cheree Roberts, our newest CCC Level 1 Instructor from Washougal, Washington. Pretty impressive, no? Congrats to Team Sheldon!

CCC at Home

Our students find the most creative ways to incorporate CCC in their daily lives. How have you applied CCC at home and when you’re out and about? Send us a link to your video!

CCC for Performance

Premium performance starts with mental focus. Really Real Relaxation helps to get the dog in a productive state of arousal before entering the ring. This team does it well.

What resolutions does your dog have for you this year_ (9).png

Submissions from CCC Students

How has CCC affected what you do with your dog? We’re proud of your accomplishments and are looking to showcase you in a future newsletter. Submit your stories, photos and videos here.

CCC Challenge Map

puzzle map pix.PNG

Have fun practicing your CCC skills using this new puzzle map.

Remember:  if your dog lunges toward the puzzle, you're too close.  Move your markers further from the box. 

Level 2 & 3 folks:  Remove visible puzzle & use remote rewards.

CCC Tips

Looking for new ways to surprise your dog and keep him connected? Instead of treats in a bait bag or pocket, store them on you in new ways. This video shows some Advanced CCC handlers stashing them in hats. A scarf can work well too. Where else might you tuck your treats to keep your training fresh and unexpected?

What's Your CCC Story?

We're interested in your success stories and would love to hear from you.  Share yours here to be featured in a future newsletter.

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