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Review & sign the CCC Instructor Agreement

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We’re looking forward to helping you bring CCC to your community. The next step is to review the CCC Instructor Agreement that was attached to the email that got you here. When you're ready please sign the agreement, email it to Cindy, and submit your down payment(You may have already sent your agreement in, but please resend it with the updated date as that important date will serve as the renewal date for future annual payments.)

The CCC Instructor Certification Handbook

Once the submissions above are received we’ll send you the CCC Instructor Certification Handbook, which will walk you through the entire certification process.

The CCC Level 1 Instructor Course

You'll also be added to the CCC Level 1 Instructor Course at that time, and will get an email notification of how and where to log in and get the ball rolling.

The Payment Schedule

Once you've made your initial down payment, the subsequent three payments will become due four weeks from the date of the previous payment.  Any discounts offered will be applied to the final payment. We'll let you know how to go about that when you get there.

Welcome aboard!